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Poster: ColdRain108 Date: Mar 6, 2012 12:06pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Numbers- GD Demographics

When I lived in the SFO area (1975-1983)it was a pretty good mix of boys and girls - my GD posse was an even split. Seemed like fewer college students, more just freak folk with jobs. There was limited ethnic "diversity". I knew just a very few deadheads of color, most "ethnic" folks I knew thought it was just fancy blues music, while very cool, not that big a deal - ie not a lifestyle. They were impressed that a bunch of white kids could get down like that to blues music. As far as the middle class thing goes...those were the folks(or their parents) who could afford tickets to the shows. There was always a crowd of unwashed, pissing on the sidewalks, sleeping under the trees in Berkeley dirt hippies who never actually got into a show - I don't know where they fit into this demographics study as they were always there and always white. It was obvious once you got into the Greek Theater that the dirt hippies were still outside.

Now move to the east coast (1983-1990) and things change dramatically (my first east coast Dead show was the Stephen show at MSG - a nice welcome to NYC from the Dead!). There it was frat boys and general rock and rollers, but mostly college kids and mostly guys. Big stadiums, like MSG, in freak show locations, like NYC where no mater how wierd you wanted folks to think you were - you were nothing compared the real freaks living on the streets. Again, my posse was a mix of girls and boys, but I knew many a frat boy group where no girls would want any part of the drunken drugged out chaos of college guys gone wild. I find in general that women stop the drugged out party lifestyle a few years before us guys do...if we ever do.

Now we are folks who have jobs and computer access and money to spend on the E72 box set instead of 50 concert tix a year. I don't know where the dirt hippies went, I bet most of the frat boys have families and jobs by now and were never really deadheads - just going to the big rock shows - Stones, Metalica, Motley Crew, Dead, etc. enjoying the college experience...which I did with gusto.

Deadheads are now the well adjusted people in our great society - and thats a scary thing.